Monday, June 28, 2010

I would love your vote please nominate me for Top 150 SMB influencer's

How's Life?


Folks in SMB are asking to be nominated as one of the top 150 influencer’s in SMB via a survey put on by SMB PC Magazine.  Such as Eric Ligman (I did vote for him) via facebook,, post today of “Would love your vote for me in the SMB Top 150”

  I would also love your vote to be one of the top 150 SMB influencer's, please nominate me via the survey at, you can only vote once.

  The survey is two questions long (see snippet below)

1. How did you hear/learn about the survey
2. Enter up to 10 names that influence you

Please enter Richard Kenyon of HL tech solutions in the “other” box for #1
Please enter Richard Kenyon of HL tech solutions and nine other influencer’s for #2
After you click done you then can hit “exit this survey” in the upper right hand corner or just close the window

  Among the 10 I voted for include:
West Michigan Small Business Technology User Group
West Michigan Network Technology User Group
My Self ;)

Thank you for your support,
Richard Kenyon
HL tech solutions


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Richard said...

Big THANKS to everyone that voted in the SMBTN and SMB Nation "Top 150 most influential people in the SMB channel" and a big CONGRATS to all of us that made the list