Monday, January 26, 2009

Acer C110tci Tablet and Windows 7 Beta

Also installed the Windows 7 Beta on one of our Acer Tablets C110tci (1.25g ram, 30gig hd) tho the install would not finish using the firewire dvd drive that came with our Acer.  I tried the install again using the HP 555s DVD drive we just got and it installed fine.  Install times seem to be at least half that of vista.

I have not installed any apps yet, but the tablet seems to be running just as fast as the xp that was on there.

Tho the HP Mini install found the wireless card and did its updates automagically, the Acer only found the wired nic.  I had to connect it to my wired network and did updates several times before it found all the drivers.

HP Mini 1035NR Newbie

Teresa needed a laptop for office visits so, we went into CostCo, Circuit City and Bestbuy.  CostCo had the 1033cl for 449, Circuit City the 1035NR for closeout 405 and BestBuy the 1030NR for 449.

1033CL= 60g hd, hp mini usb drive
1035NR= 60g hd, bluetooth
1030NR= 16g ssd, hp mini usb drive
Each 1g ram, 10" screen, sd slot, 2 usb ports, xp home sp3, b/g wireless

Had a Circuit City gift card that needed to be spent, so we got the 1035NR, we felt the bluetooth might be handy for wireless mouse.

She played with it for about an hour on Saturday and while she was cropping on Sunday I imaged it and installed Windows 7 Beta, Office 2007, Project 2007 and Visio 2007. Setup offline files and spent a few minutes with her going over the new taskbar in Windows 7 Beta.

Today will be her first day of using it onsite at client visits, will see how she likes it.  So far, she is fine with the small screen (moved the task bar to the left side), small keyboard and atom processor.

Interesting to note, none of the hp mini’s come with a cd rom drive, tho there is a recovery cd in the box.  How many of you have a external usb cd rom/dvd drive?  Since we did not have one a portable, we picked up the HP 555s DVD external usb drive and Bestbuy which worked for the reinstall.