Thursday, December 24, 2009

Another Spam/Malware to be aware of titled “your photo” via Facebook direct messaging

The subject was “your photo” with the message of “Is This Your Photo?!" “Warm regards!!!!!” and a link to a web site with the words uploaded, easyspace, photosbank, me, uk and file in it.

Received this message via Facebook tonight at 1:37am which showed from Facebook Mobile.  Now I know that this person would not be up at this time and I know they do not have a mobile device.

Do not click on the link, it goes to a web site that calls up the adobe reader and tries to download a file called photo.exe.  The photo file is a exe file and it will try and run itself to infect your computer.

Always think twice about clicking on links and then take a close look at where the link actually goes.  If it looks funny then it probably is, don’t click it.

Here is a snapshot of the message: