Thursday, January 28, 2010

Apple iPad first thoughts ;)

  Just got done watching the iPad announcement with Teresa.

  Looks pretty cool!  Love the ability to output the display to an external device like they used for the demo, that would have to be a must have cable.  Does it support active sync?  Still limited to storage space, have several folks already complaining that the storage is too small for their existing music collections on the iPod/iTouch.

  Beam me up Scotty!!!!

  Again this looks awesome for the consumer/kids/teens that are into watching/playing/listening/reading stuff by themselves in a non-family/group type environment, creating the BEST non face to face anti-social thing so far besides solitary confinement punishment in prison ;)  This is new babysitter and would save any ones sanity on a long road trip in a car.

  Can see two people on a date, each on their own iPad watching their own movie and sending messages back and forth to each other

  We see adding a universal remote app to iPad and it becoming the device sitting next to the couch for sure!

  And it makes an AWESOME picture frame!!

  We, being the minority, enjoy watching TV/movies on a big screen together or with others vs a 10 in screen alone.

  We do not listen to music with headphones by ourselves, not even in the car much.

  We do not play games without the pleasure of playing games with others.  Ok, Teresa loves bejeweled and Project Natal is going to be awesome for gaming.

  We do not read books or newspapers online or on paper :)  We use twitter/Facebook/blogs or as in Teresa’s case she actually listens to talk radio for the latest news ;)

  Since we canceled cable TV, we did not even think about the ball drop for New Year’s.  We had twelve people around a 19” computer screen watching the live show via the internet because we could not find a method to watch via the xbox, major dumb :)   Next year we will be watching the ball drop on the 65” TV even if we have to get cable for a month (under debate) ;) 

  Beam me up Scotty!!!!

  Oh, and we see the uptick trend for man bag sales!!!

  Good thing we can write it off as a business expense? ;)  Then again can it be ‘business’ expense?

  Steve Jobs comment on the crossroads of Technology and Liberal Arts sums it up.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Another Email Spam/Malware with “Your friend invited you to twitter!” in the subject


  Guess, now that Bill Gates has joined Twitter as we will see more attacks that are twitter related :(

  The message body on this one looks good and the links to “Sign up now” and “Sign in” are even valid.  It is the attached ZIP file that contains a file named:
”document.chm                                                            .exe”
  Notice the spaces between the chm (help file) and the real extension of .exe (executable).

attachment: Invitation
subject: Your friend invited you to twitter!
message (along:

New to Twitter? Sign up now
Have an account? Sign in


Your friend invited you to twitter!


Twitter is a service for friends, family, and co-workers to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent answers to one simple question:

What are you doing?

To join or to see who invited you, check the attachment.


Sunday, January 10, 2010

Another Email Spam/Malware with “settings file” in subject


The subject is “A new settings file for the (your_email_here) mailbox has just been released” and the body references “security upgrade of the mailing service” and the email is pretending to come from your own domain.

As we have mentioned before always check out the link before clicking on it.  The link that we see is only the text for the underlying web site that you would be redirected to,  When you highlight the link here you would see that the:

http://******/owa really is going to send you to


The email is pretending to come from your own domain