Friday, April 1, 2011

Verizon Thunderbolt 4G/LTE


  Went to the SBS 2011 partner event in Southfield, MI this past Tuesday and was pleasantly surprised my Verizon Thunderbolt changed its network icon from 3g to 4g

  Turned on the Thunderbolts Hotspot, connected my tablet pc and the first test results were:


  12m down and 15m up is faster then my office AT&T DSL.

  As this is very new, we did have mixed results as Joe connected to my hotspot and was getting like 3m/3m and another Thunderbolt user was getting 9m/9m.  The up/down usually were very close on all the tests.  We seemed to get disconnected a few times at the start of the meeting around 11 but, it seemed to be fine after that.

  It has been announced that Grand Rapids, MI has been pushed up for 4G/LTE coverage for this year, maybe as early as this summer Smile