Tuesday, September 15, 2009

BIOS Password reset on Toshiba Satellite A105


Tonight neighbor called and said all of a sudden her Toshiba Satellite A105 had a BIOS password that she did not create.

Went to Google and searched for ‘new Toshiba bios password after reboot’ and the ninth one down was:


which explained how to reset the bios password with a paperclip, tho I ended up using a basic key ring to jumper the x and y solder points to short out the password:

1. Take out the battery and unplug it.

2. Remove keyboard bezel
Keyboard bezel is the plastic cover piece above the keyboard where you
are able to find out the speakers. Simply remove it. To get the
plastic holding back clips to take it loose is a little hard. But if
you are careful, you can use a little screw driver and slowly pry
between the two screen mounts. You could also use a paper clip with a
little 1/8″ bend at tip to do this. Once these three holding clips
have come free the others are reasonably easy to crop up. Just be
patient and do it slowly. Once the keyboard bezel is off the next
steps going easy.

3. Remove screw on the keyboard.
There are two screws that apparent when the bezel has been moved out.
These screw has a function to keep the keyboard stay in base. Lift the
keyboard up from the screw side and the holding clips at the front of
the keyboard will lift out. Once the keyboard is open you’ll have to
either allow it linked, just turned of to the side, or unplug it from
the motherboard. The keyboard cable connection has a black clip on the
top of it. Just bring this clip up a little and the keyboard cable
will slide out. The keyboard cable doesn’t have a fixed connector, but
is merely a ribbon that is contained place by the black clip along the
top of the keyboard cable connector.

4. Remove the wireless card.
Wireless card is the single card available at this place. Release clip
of the metal spring clips tied in. And then move card across to
disclose field below card. You don’t need to unplug the wires
connected to card.

5. Directly you’ll see C88 clearly labeled right beside the jack that
the wireless card plugs into. There are two little solder squares in
around 1/16″ at this location. At this place plug the power adapter to
your Satellite A105-S4014 again.

Use paper clip to release two solder squares at label C88, plyers to
bend a 1/8″ long “L” and then “scuffed” up the paperclip with the
teeth of the pliers. Do it carefully, the paperclip sustained a
varnish coating on it and didn’t adequately conduct electricity. Hold
it in place on these two solder contact squares once you’ve your
paperclip assemble. If you’re done, boot your Toshiba Satellite
A105-S4014 or similar laptop.

6. Your Toshiba Satellite A105-S4014 should boot right up and bypass
the bios password, which is now reset or erased.


--Big Thanks out to www.paralaptop.com


r4 revolution said...

Thank you for sharing such useful information. Can you provide some way to do it without opening it. I can not risk my warranty.

Richard said...

Since it is under warranty you should be able to take it to service dopot and have them do it or call Toshiba support line and see if they have a override password.

R0CKER0 said...

This works!! I tried it many times until I finally got it to work. I tried using a scredriver, letherman, and nothing was working... I finally tried the end of my multi-meter and it worked!
Thanks a lot!


Richard said...

Glad it worked for you!!

Ivan Celaya said...

thank you man, god blesses you, this works, thanks

stonecoldhewett@gmail.com said...

I do not have a wireless card under my key board nor do I see anything labeled C88 I have a Toshiba Satellite A105 S1014. I see two solid squares but do not want to take the chances of totally killing my computer.

Richard said...

maybe the s4014 is different then the s1014 that the label is not there :( good luck... I would do it ;)

ULISES said...

This works, I tried it and works at first time, Thank you RICHARD

sniper boy said...

how to reset bios password in dell latitude E6400

Richard said...

@sniper boy

the 6400 does not seem to be so lucky in resetting the bios password with out help from Dell

Try contacting Dell Tech Support (800-624-9896) USA and verify you are an authorized user and they may generate a master password to access the system