Thursday, June 4, 2009

Why do people think they can drive with one hand holding their phone to their head?


  I wonder why people can't drive with two hands on the steering wheel yet, believe that they can drive while one hand is holding their cell phone to their head. It's handsfree phone not handsfree steering :(

Yup, easy to know who is using their cell phones --- their blinkers stop working.

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Joe Cooper said...

Some people have not progressed or evolved to hand's free phoning. It's one of life's challenges "can I drive with 1 hand?" The answer is YES, Richard did or have you ever drove with one hand - I think so - Turn radio on, heater controls changes, etc. drinking(pop,coffee), - Maybe you don't have a cup holder in your car - maybe they should take out cup holders and dvd players etc.

If you are not a professional stunt driver I would suggect "Both Hands on the Wheel" - I don't see anyone from NASCAR doing 1 Handed at 200+MPH.