Sunday, May 3, 2009

Vista Business Upgrade to Windows 7 RC Toshiba M400


First Attempt:

1. had 9 gig available, it wanted 12
2. warned about turning off offline folders during upgrade
3. had to uninstall
     a. Toshiba SAF-TE SCSI Processor Device
     b. had to uninstall life cam software
     c. had to uninstall virtual pc 2007 sp 1 and
        windows mobile device center 6.1,
        but it said both of these could be reinstalled after upgrade

Had to reboot once before install, where it still complained about offline folders and free disk space, which I now had 17

took about 2.5 hours to upgrade

went from 17 gig free to 25 gig free

rpc over http with outlook 2007 and exchange 2003 on sbs 2003 still does not work with windows 7 :(  I can start a vpn connection and then use outlook direct tcp/ip but this totally defeats the purpose :(

When I switch resolutions from 1400x1050 to anything other resolution I now get the black border around the display :(

Already thinking about switching back to vista.


Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Re: your Outlook / Exchange issue, I experienced this quite some time ago and found the fix was you have to type the full domain\SAM_account

And I cannot duplicate your display issue - my M400 is currently running an (ugly) 1280x1024 and there is no black border to speak of besides the usual bezel. Try uninstalling the display drivers and letting Windows Update install whatever it thinks is appropriate.


Richard said...

How's Life?

1. yup, been there done that. Outlook refuses to work with my current sbs2k3 config. Yesterday started the setup for sbs2k8 and trying to move on.

2. the problem is the windows updated installed its own driver. I went back to the NON microsoft display driver (wddm ?). Am currently at Intel's "Mobile intel 945 express chipset family" version dated 06/18/08. this allows the Function+spacebar for screen size changes (1400x1050, 1024x768, 800x600) and fixes the black border.