Wednesday, July 23, 2008


These were our first observations/thoughts after having the iPhone for about an hour.


a. iPhone 193 kbit/sec

b. Xv6700 164 kbit/sec

2. Nice 3.5 inch screen

3. Exchange

a. 12:12 click exchange email setup on iPhone

b. 12:18 data entered (have to get used to the keyboard)

c. 12:22 iPhone sync’d calendar, contacts and email

d. Where it shows domain\user, had to enter just user name

e. Did warn about certificate with a accept option.

4. GPS is cool

5. Web browser more cool

6. No flash for camera

7. Screen shows finger prints

8. Olga’s in Woodland Mall ... one bar on my Verizon phone and two bars on AT&T phone.

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