Thursday, July 24, 2008


Since the iPhone is primarily a consumer product and most consumers do not schedule extensive ‘meetings’, it appears that the meeting features are non-existent on the iPhone calendar.

1. Appointment category colors are not included with the iPhone calendar.

2. Appointment busy, out of office, free, tentative color indicators are also not available in the iPhone. The appointment is same color on the iPhone regardless of any changes to appointment.

3. Appointment indicator for repeat appointment is not available on the iPhone. If you edit an appointment on the iPhone you can see repeat.

4. Appointment indicator for meetings with attendees does not show up on the iPhone.

5. Cannot create a meeting request (inviting others) on the iPhone.

6. The first created appointment with a note does sync with Outlook. Although adding notes in an appointment on the iPhone does not sync to outlook and if notes are edited on Outlook it will overwrite the notes on the iPhone.

7. A appointment created on the iPhone which overlays an existing appointment does not sync to Outlook.

The notes issue with the calendar is a major concern for me (additional edits of notes in a iPhone appointment do not show up on Outlook). I enter my billable information via my handheld and ‘expect’ it to update my Outlook where I then print out to bill from.

Update: Have had several people refer me to the following link:

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